Dynamic Publication Through Content Structure Management Tools
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Dynamic Publication Through Content Structure Management Tools
Dynamic publication has become a strong requirement in environments where content flow is important and need for customized organization of information is critical. Financial organizations use both expert produced documents (tax, legal, financial) and commercial documents about their products. The overall documentation is used in different contexts, for different purposes, using several formats. Managing 'content structures' in a repository independent from the content itself can significantly improve content publication process, reusability of content itself, and accurate, customized dynamic publication. We'll show on an use case of assets management documentation how a clear separation from 'Content' and 'Content Structures' can be used to allow every actor in the information chain to create new structure patterns, as well as new documents, and finally deliver completely customized documentation to the end users. We'll show how RDF and Topic Maps standards enable this crucial segmentation between reusable content and content structures. We'll show how 'content structure management' tools feet into content management architecture with portals, content management systems, and content authoring tools. We'll show how separate management of 'content structure' open the way to a new family of content management tools such as 'content intelligence tools', 'content organization authoring tools'.